125 yamaha dirt bike. Mountian bike pedals.

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Carbon fiber bicycle forks - Giant cross bike.

Carbon Fiber Bicycle Forks

carbon fiber bicycle forks

    carbon fiber
  • Carbon fiber (carbon fibre), alternatively graphite fiber, carbon graphite or CF, is a material consisting of extremely thin fibers about 0.005–0.010 mm in diameter and composed mostly of carbon atoms.

  • A synthetic material consisting of fibers glued together with epoxy that is very strong for its weight.

  • A material consisting of thin, strong crystalline filaments of carbon, used as a strengthening material, esp. in resins and ceramics

  • One of the lightest frame and component materials, carbon fiber (also called just carbon) is unique in that it's a fabric, not a metal. This allows gossamer weights, incredible strength and impressive frame/fork compliance (vibration damping) because the fibers can be oriented in myriad ways.

carbon fiber bicycle forks - SRAM Red

SRAM Red GXP Crankset -No Cups (175 53-39T)

SRAM Red GXP Crankset -No Cups (175 53-39T)

Fatigue, flex, and friction, enemies all, and they'll rob you of speed and performance over both the short and long haul. The SRAM Red Crankset does its part to keep them from affecting your ride. The integrated carbon spider's design is lightweight and extremely stiff, allowing for instant, efficient power transfer.
Compatible with all 10-speed drivetrains
Large hollow spindle is permanently attached to right arm, spins on four externally mounted cartridge bearings
Aluminum chainring bolts are easily installed/removed with standard 5 and 6mm hex keys
One-piece carbon fiber arm/spider with aluminum skeleton in arm only
Hard anodized AL-7075-T6 PowerGlide chainrings are extra-stiff for optimal shifting performance in race conditions, compatible with SRAM chains
Item Specifications
Spindle Interface TypeTruVativ GXP
Pedal Spindle9/16"
Bolt Pattern5-Bolt
Chainring BCD130mm
Arm Length175mm
Crank-FD TypeRoad Double
Crank Intended UseRoad
Chain CompatibilityShimano 10,SRAM 10
Defined ColorBlack

77% (5)

FM015 Carbon Frame/Fork

FM015 Carbon Frame/Fork

I cut the steerer down and added some spacers, but I'm sure it'll be cut further later on, and the top spacers will be taken off. The stem is a Carbon Cycles eXotic Matrix II and matches the 3K glossy carbon finish of the bike perfectly.

Cutting 3.5" off the steerer lost 37 grams of weight.

Epicon RLD vs Carbon Cycles eXotic

Epicon RLD vs Carbon Cycles eXotic

You can see the Epicon is quite a bit taller than the rigid eXotic carbon fork, but some of that height disappears due to sag.

The Epicon weighs just about double what the eXotic does, but I can live with that to save my wrists and get around the course faster.

carbon fiber bicycle forks

carbon fiber bicycle forks

Carbon Fibers and Their Composites (Materials Engineering)

Most literature pertaining to carbon fibers is of a theoretical nature. Carbon Fibers and their Composites offers a comprehensive look at the specific manufacturing of carbon fibers and graphite fibers into the growing surge of diverse applications that include flameproof materials, protective coatings, biomedical and prosthetics applications, textiles, batteries and fuel cells, automotive applications, construction, and even musical instruments.
This useful guide provides a hands-on approach to the fabrication of carbon fibers. The book begins with a blueprint of the international history and development of carbon fiber, clearly defined terminology for all forms of solid carbon products, and the properties for elemental carbon and its allotropic forms. It then elaborates upon precursor materials, relevant surface treatment, and sizing for each carbon fiber type available in the world market. Several chapters also examine the types of matrices, their properties, and fracture mechanics of thermoset and thermoplastic polymers, carbon, glass, metal, and ceramics matrices.
Carbon Fibers and their Composites reveals straightforward guidelines for the day-to-day operations of a carbon fiber plant, such as safety testing, quality control, design of equipment, packaging, air flow/dust control, maintenance, and environmental policies. Based on over 30 years of experience in the field, the author offers insight and possible solutions to the problems associated with production and testing of carbon fibers and their related composites. He details the use of analytical chemistry techniques, instrumentation requirements, and statistics to evaluate the results.
Carbon Fibers and their Composites offers an excellent clarification of how carbon fibers yield reinforced composites, their physical and chemical characteristics, the diverse manufacturing techniques for each type, and the advantages they offer to a variety of applications.

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